ANSON Nightingale is fully compliant with the systems, invoicing and requirements of NDIS and WANDIS.

The team behind Nightingale have been working with the community services sector for over 21 years. That rich experience means we know funding regimes are always under review. Changes in government, government policy, employment law and practices, emerging practice initiatives and competitive forces create a constant state of change.

Not only is Nightingale built to accommodate the needs of NDIS and WANDIS systems, it is also flexible enough to be able to easily and quickly adapt to any changing system requirements.

Nightingale successfully communicates with the NDIS online portal so you know you can meet expectations on client support plans, outcomes and goals, financial reporting, invoice data and case notes. We have designed Nightingale to provide Australian block, individualised and NDIS clusters support plans. Nightingale even supports multiple funding streams for each client, including private, co-payments and brokerage.

To find out more about how Nightingale can provide you with a workable and efficient consumer-directed care solution please contact us.