Any data you manage on Nightingale can be produced in a report. No really... ANY data.

So it will be easy to provide extracts for all government/funders portals, including extracts for finance and payroll systems.

You have the option to select from pre-built reporting for most common situations. Or, you can build your own fully customisable reports with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Information can be displayed in table or diagram format – which ever suits your needs. That means you can produce reports on aspects such as client goals, outcomes, invoicing and attendances as well as staff competencies, rostering and incidents.

Anything you would like tracked and reported on, Nightingale can deliver.

And forms are just as easy with Nightingale. You will have a custom form-builder with the ability to accommodate any paper or digital form currently used in your organisation.

So you can take the best aspects of your current systems and integrate it into the new Nightingale functionality.

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