We investigated a whole range of possible hosting options, and chose to host Microsoft Azure. Used by many large corporations and the Australian government Azure hosting provides you with many benefits including:

  • All data remains in Australia
  • 100% of the data is encrypted which is compliant with Australian Government Signals Directorate standards for cloud security
  • Highly resilient with enterprise grade cloud servers – duplicated in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Backed up every three hours and kept for 30 days
  • An audit trail is embedded for every transaction and nothing is ever deleted.

Nightingale app

Supplied to all Nightingale clients is our purpose-built app.  Supported on any smartphone or tablet, the app is designed to work both online and offline – which is a huge advantage with a mobile workforce handling consumer-directed care clients.

There are no installation or usage charges for the Nightingale app. It provides caseworkers with core Nightingale functions including:

  • Client details
  • Case notes
  • Goal reports
  • Attendance – including start and end times and GPS waypoints
  • Travel – start and end odometer readings
  • Incident reports, including the ability to take photos and video footage.


Nightingale can work efficiently on a range of platforms.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac devices running Safari, Edge, Firefox or Chrome browsers (versions need to be post 2016)
  • Windows, IOS or Android Mobile smart devices that are less than three years old
Appset image