Nightingale's team worked closely with a range of WA community service providers to build a solution to manage consumer-directed care.

Nightingale was built from the ground up based on a wish-list of features.

We’re very proud of the result, and feedback from our clients has been fantastic.

Nightingale is designed to support the transition to consumer-directed care models such as WANDIS, NDIS, CHSP and Aged Care Packages.

Our extensive community sector experience has taught us that funding regimes are always under review. Changes in government, government policy, employment law and practices, emerging practice initiatives and competitive forces create a constant state of change.

We are committed to ensuring that Nightingale remains, fresh, relevant and current and that you get the most out of your investment.

Nightingale has a trusted long-term partnership with ANSON Management Consulting which means that together we can provide you with all the services associated with assessing the optimum implementation of Nightingale for your organisation. This includes ANSON's services in organisational consulting, needs analysis, change planning and management, and implementation reviews.

Our Clients



Nightingale is designed to work with your needs. You have full control of all aspects of the system and can tailor it to suit your requirements. That includes your team roles, forms, case notes, pay rates, support funding streams, leave approvals, rostering calendars and much more. Our team is available to help you adjust procedures, manage change impacts and get the most out of your investment.


Nightingale is entirely devised to be person-centred. That means it will provide you with an effective tool to allow your clients to drive their own strategies, plans and outcomes.


Our clients tell us Nightingale pays for itself in a year with reduced administrative overheads. The ability to customise means as things change in your organisation, you can adapt the system without having to pay a developer – which saves you both time and money. It provides better visibility so you can more efficiently stay on top of client outcomes, compliance, incidents and funding streams.


Nightingale allows access wherever you are, from PC, any smartphone or tablet. That means your case notes can be collected in real time, or offline on the app. Your data is stored in a secure, managed environment, which includes backups and encryption.


You will be dealing with a local business that has developed a software solution based on input from local community service organisations. Which means we provide in-person support by visiting your offices or by offering telephone advice. And all in local time.

If you are looking for a better way for your organisation to manage your consumer-directed care processes, talk to us about booking a demonstration of Nightingale.

Providing solutions

Nightingale is all about providing you with solutions.

Solutions like:

  • a better way to manage your client and staff data
  • improvements in your consumer-directed care processes
  • excellent reports on pretty much anything – which give you a clearer picture of how you are tracking
  • streamlined integration with NDIS, WANDIS, CHCP, Aged Care Packages and other funders’ systems and requirements.

Client management solutions

Nightingale is purpose-built to be client-centered. Our aim is to help your team deliver the highest levels of care for your each of clients.  With simple click-through access to all aspects of your client data records, updating details, managing medical requirements, providing a central repository for special notes, are all managed simply and intuitively.

Most importantly the client management module facilitates a comprehensive outcomes reporting function that can be directly linked to funding, goals and action plans.

That means it will provide you with an effective tool to allow your clients to drive their own strategies, plans and outcomes.

Client management functionality allows you to:

  • Add, update and remove clients
  • Record client interests – which can be matched with staff interests
  • Create client plans and service delivery schedules
  • Set and track client goals and outcomes
  • Track client attendance – which can automatically trigger invoicing,
  • Track client medication via reminders and alerts,
  • Integrate client data with funder requirements including WANDIS/NDIS clusters, DSC, HACC and the incoming CHSP, and My Aged Care
  • Manage co-payments, brokerage and other funding arrangements
  • Manage your case notes for all clients, from a desktop computer, any smartphone or tablet or offline via the app
  • Report and track incidents
  • Customise your case note categories to link with specific funding streams, activities, or client outcomes
  • Produce detailed client outcome reports and diagrams.

Staff management solutions

The staff dashboard is where you can record and manage staff data and processes.

You and your staff will be able to:

  • Add, update and remove staff members
  • Create and edit rosters based on staff competencies and availability
  • Track competencies, training and certificates
  • Record staff interests – which can be matched with client interests
  • Create alerts for expiring certificates or training updates eg first aid, Working with Children Check, manual handling etc
  • Track incidents and reporting – upload photos on hand-held devices or desktop
  • Collect travel and transport data
  • Manage leave applications
  • Permission based access to staff file notes
  • Create and manage case notes
  • Time sheets and staff cost reporting

Organisational management solutions

With consumer-directed care you need reliable and easy to use data and process management to track client data, staff details and organisational processes.  Nightingale provides many solutions to enhance your organisational management processes.

  • Customisable case note ratings and labels to assist staff and enable data collection and tracking to suit your organisation
  • Customisable case note categories to link with management and tracking of competencies, certifications and work eligibility requirements across the organisation
  • Individualised reporting
  • Streamlined funding acquittals
  • Track competency across the organisation by managing certifications, training etc
  • Provision of a customisable system to manage leave across the whole organisation
  • The ability to track loan items – cars, mobility equipment etc.
  • Training & professional development. You can set up internal or external training courses as well as manage training applications and approvals